Crab Meat

Waterworld II hand picks our Crab Meat fresh for our clients

Our Crab Meat

Waterworld II is known for it’s Fresh Picked Crab Meat. We have a proven process that allows us to extract the meat from the crab so we can distribute the meat to our clients. Our Crab Meat has been featured around the United States from the East Coast to the West Coast. 

The Process

The process of how we extract our Crab Meat is pretty simple.

  1. We work directly with our Local Fisherman, as soon as they hit the shore we meet with them and pick up the Crabs.
  2. Once back to our Shop we then cook the crabs until they’re ready.
  3. We then break down the crab into Bodies, Claws, and Legs. 
  4. The crabs are then extracted by hand via our pickers and stored into containers.
  5. When we get a order we then put the meat into smaller containers (1 Pound) and Deliver/Ship the product to our customers.

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