About Waterworld II

Waterworld II

From 2007 to today Waterworld II has served customers from Maine to California. The fresh picked Wholesale CrabMeat has been in stores, restaurants and been featured in many events. Open year round 5 days a week from 7 A.M to 5 P.M there is also supply for our customers. Waterworld II makes sure our local customers are supplied all summer and winter.

Waterworld II is located in the town of Bucksport, Maine located at 72 Heritage Park Road. We are always happy to meet new customers everyday, please feel free to come and visit our shop and see your crabmeat being picked fresh for you. If you can’t make the trip we do delivery on request call 207-358-9411 Remember Waterworld II is a wholesale business for everybody so the prices are unbeatable.

The History

Waterworld Seafood was originally owned and operated by the Melendez Family, who processed crab meat for 16 Years. After retiring Laurie Seekins was offered to purchase the well established business in 2007. The new Maine company Waterworld II was born and since 2007 has served customers locally and nationally.

Laurie Seekins

Laurie Seekins

My name is Laurie Seekins and I’ve been dealing with seafood since I was a teenager. I know the fishing world very well, I’ve worked on lobster boats to fish factories and crab picking plants.

When I was offered the business back in 2007 I knew it was the right industry for me so I delightfully accepted the offer. Since I started Waterworld II I have been supplying locals and national businesses crabmeat, shrimp and more. I’m always coming up with new products for my customers. I’ve done my very best to make sure Waterworld II stays a wholesale business.

I spend my mornings to my late night evenings at my shop. I work 6 to sometimes 7 days a week to make sure my customers are supplied with the best crab meat around. I have help from my amazing employees and we have a blast at the shop keeping everybody entertained. We keep the shop up to date with FDA Regulations.